"The Cockleshell", 9 passage du gua, Vensac, France - some holiday pictures

pictures from our holiday in "The Cockleshell", 9 passage du gua, Vensac, France, in August 2008. Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture. The cheznous.com link seems dead now - have they decided not to publish this advertisement?

mouse droppings in the kitchen cupboards

mouse droppings on the worksurface (that's the bread bin on the left)

mouse droppings on top of the fridge

stained carpets

more stained carpets

peeling wallpaper

more peeling wallpaper

broken toilet (leaking faeces and urine over the bathroom floor)


dog mess in the driveway

odd stains on the net curtains

odd stains on the bedspread

dirty bath taps

dirty soap dish

stained bidet

bathroom sink unit

kitchen sink surround

window by the kitchen sink

a loose electrical socket

stains on the spare pillows

a battered fireplace surround

mouse droppings in a wardrobe

stained radiators

some pipes had clearly leaked

one of the loungers was unusable

tiny children's bedroom

and the other side of it

debris uncleaned after the loo flooded