Subject: CRD: Elvis Costello - Let him Dangle, Gods Comic.


Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1993 15:18:27 GMT

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(This is a copy, with very minor corrections, of this)

From the album Spike - Elvis Costello, 1989, Warner Bros 925 848-2. Song is ©Plangent Visions Music Inc ASCAP.

Here is a .WAV file (367 kb) of the first verse.

Let Him Dangle - Elvis Costello (D. MacManus)


Bentley said to Craig "Let him have it Chris"

C                                B7

They still don't know today just what he meant by this


Craig fired the pistol, but was to young to swing

        C                          B7

So the police took Bentley and the very next thing


           Em                  C              B7

Let him dangle, Let him dangle Do do do do do do do do do

Bently had surrended, he was under arrest

when he gave Chris Craig that fatal request

Craig shot Sidney Miles, he took Bentley's word

The prosecution claimed as they charged him with murder...

They said Derek Bentley was easily led

Well what's that to the woman that Sidney Miles wed

Though guilty was the verdict, and Craig had shot him dead

The gallows were for Bentley and still she never said...


         G          D             Am7

Well its hard to imagine it's the times that have changed

               G                                                D

When there's a murder in the kitchen that is brutal and strange

   G           D          Am7

If killing anybody is a terrible crime


Why does this bloodthirsty chorus

      B7                     Em                C              B7

come round from time to time   Let him dangle  do do do do do  do do do do

Not many people thought that Bentley would hang

But the word never came, the phone never rang

Outside Wandsworth prison there was horror and hate

As the hangman shook Bentley's hand to calculate his weight....

From a welfare state to society murder

"Bring back the noose" is always heard

Whenever thos swine are under attack

But it won't make you even

It won't bring him back

Let him dangle

Let him dangle (String him up)

Em     C  B7

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